Broker Appointments and Referrals (all products)

Getting appointed

If you'd like to become appointed with Health First, we require the following items:

  • Agent Agreement
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • IRS W-9 form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)
  • Proof of License—All soliciting agents are required to hold an active health insurance license (2-40 or 2-15) with the state of Florida or a Florida non-resident license. Please provide a copy of license during your initial contracting period. Verification of your license will automatically be conducted upon renewal of your appointment.
  • Proof of Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverageEach agent is required to carry and maintain E&O Coverage. Please include proof of coverage with your initial appointment request and any renewal request. Failure to provide such proof will terminate your Health First appointment.
  • Proof of Marketplace Producer CertificationsAll soliciting agents are required to complete the Health Insurance Marketplace training.
  • Appointment fee is currently waived!

Medicare referrals

Only agents directly employed by Health First may sell MA, MA-PD, or PDP products, but appointed agents are eligible to earn compensation by referring clients to us. To refer MA, MA-PD, or PDP prospective members, please complete the Medicare Broker Referral Agreement.

Helpful hints

To complete your appointment, we'll need all of the required documents filled in completely. Please remember to:

  • Type your information into the Agent Agreement, Business Associate Agreement, and IRS W-9 PDF forms, choose "Save As", add your name to the file name (for example, "BobSmith_business_associate_agreement.pdf", and save. Then attach the PDFs to your e-mail message. Please do not hand-write information on the forms.
  • For other documents (Proof of License, E&O) please scan the documents and attach them to your e-mail.
  • If commissions are to be paid to an individual agent, include that agent's individual tax information on the W-9. If commissions are to be paid to the agency, include the agency's tax information on the W-9.

How to submit your documents

Please e-mail your completed forms to