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Diabetes myths vs. diabetes facts

Myth: Diabetes is difficult to control.
Fact: Diabetes isn't a curable disease but it can be controlled when patients properly manage their meals, exercise, and the right medications. With the proper guidance and education, patients can prevent and/or minimize many of the more serious complications. Our interdisciplinary team members, including certified diabetes educators, registered dietitians, and nurses, teach courses that help people diagnosed with diabetes learn how to effectively manage this disease.

Myth: Persons with diabetes only have to worry about eating sugar.
Fact: Many people who have diabetes incorrectly believe that properly managing diabetes means only reducing their sugar intake. While management of carbohydrate intake (not just sugar as was once recommended) is a critical part of diabetes management, diabetes affects the entire body. Therefore, proper management needs to include a complete wellness plan that extends beyond basic diet guidelines. Health First's program is designed to meet the complete wellness needs of community members diagnosed with diabetes.

Myth: Diabetes support services and education are expensive.
Fact: Diabetes education services are covered by most health insurance plans with a physician referral and plan approval. Medicare will pay for 10 hours of diabetes education within one year, and two hours per year after the first year, as follow-up to basic education. Patients without insurance also have the option of paying out-of-pocket for diabetes education and support services. Diabetes education classes are usually offered free or for a nominal fee, so check your local newspaper for more information on class locations throughout Brevard County.

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