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HRMC Patient Guide for Surgery

Welcome and thank you for choosing Holmes Regional Medical Center for your upcoming procedure.

Our caring professionals will do everything possible to make your experience here comfortable and convenient. If at any time during pre-registration, pre-surgical evaluation, registration, or a procedure you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share them with us. Your suggestions and comments help us to provide the highest quality service possible.

The following information will help guide you through your hospital experience from registration and pre-surgical evaluation through admission, recovery, and discharge. You'll find answers to the questions most frequently asked by our patients as well as important information for family members or friends who accompany you to the hospital and escort you home after your procedure.

If you have any questions, call our Pre-surgical Evaluation Office at 321-434-8944, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5:30 pm. After-hours messages will be returned on the next business day.


In advance of your procedure

One week before your procedure

One day before your procedure

The day of your procedure

Recovering after your procedure and pain management


Your health before surgery

If, at any point before your scheduled procedure, you get sick or develop a cold, call your physician and the hospital's Presurgical Evaluation Office at 321-434-8944. If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, had sleep studies done, or been told you snore heavily, please inform the pre-surgical evaluation nurse. Make arrangements for an adult companion to be available to take you to the hospital the day of your surgery. If you won't be staying overnight you'll need your companion to take you home and stay overnight with you at home.

Note: Check with your doctor at least two weeks before your surgery for instructions regarding over-the-counter or herbal remedies (such as, but not limited to, Ginko biloba, Ginseng, or St. Johns wort.)

Special note for patients who require autologous blood donation: If your doctor has ordered autologous blood donation (collection of your own blood prior to surgery for use during your surgery), this procedure will be done at Florida's Blood Center at 800 E. Seminole Ave. in Melbourne. You'll need to schedule your appointment (based on your doctor's order) by calling 768-8585. Please notify your doctor if you're taking antibiotics or have a fever or infection. This may affect your ability to donate blood at that time. Please be sure to eat a healthy meal before your appointment.



You'll be pre-registered when a Pre-registration representative calls you. At that time we'll ask you for information from your insurance card and notify you of any co-payments and/or deductibles that your insurance carrier may require. Please be aware that as part of your insurance agreement, payment is expected at the time of service. You may take care of your co-payments and/or deductibles by phone with a credit card or check number.

             If you're uninsured or otherwise unable to pay for your medical care, your pre-admission representative will act as your advocate and refer you to our financial counselors. They're available to help you obtain financial assistance or make arrangements for payment.

If English isn't your first language, interpretation services are available.


Pre-surgical evaluation and testing 

Your required pre-operative testing needs to be done one week to two days before your procedure. If you have your tests at our hospital, after stopping at the Registration Desk at the East Outpatient Entrance on Hickory Street, you'll be directed to our testing area. Tests may include blood work, EKG, and/or a chest X-ray. If your X-rays weren't taken here, you must obtain copies and bring them with you on the day of your pre-admission testing. You'll also receive information and education pertinent to your procedure. You may also meet with the pre-surgical evaluation nurse at this time.

Unless directed by your physician, you don't need to fast prior to your presurgical tests.

 Important: Please bring a list of the medications you take when you come for your pre-surgical tests. Include any herbal remedies and over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or vitamins. Also bring your current health insurance identification (ID) card and photo ID with you to the Registration Office. If you have an advance directive and/or a Living Will, bring these with you as well or complete the one enclosed.


Your checklist



Don't eat or drink anything beginning at midnight, the night before your procedure.& This includes gum, mints, candy, or ice chips.

    If the surgeon has given you specific dietary instructions for the day before surgery, please follow these instructions carefully.
    Confirm your transportation plans. You must be accompanied to and from the hospital by an adult companion.
    If you're going home the day of your surgery, confirm who'll be staying with you for the remainder of the day and overnight.


Your checklist



The morning of surgery, take only the medications (with a sip of water) directed by your physician or the preadmission nurse.


Dress comfortably. Remove and leave all jewelry at home, including any body piercings, which could cause infection or burn risk during surgery.


Please bring toiletries if you'll be admitted after surgery. Don't wear cologne, nail polish, make-up, or hair spray.



Please feel free to bring a book or magazine to read. At times, due to the personalized care we give to each patient, there may be delays in the surgical schedule.


Be sure to bring a list of the medications you take as well as any X-rays (including mammograms for women) or papers given to you by your physician.



For the safety of our patients, cellular phones and two-way radios may not be used within three feet of any medical equipment in the hospital.  We strongly recommend that patients leave all valuable personal items, including cellular phones, at home.


Remember that Holmes Regional Medical Center is a smoke-free environment.


Free valet parking

Free valet parking is available Monday through Friday.  Pull under the portico for an attendant. Parking is also available directly across the street from the East Outpatient Entrance on Hickory Street.

When you arrive

It’s important to arrive at the designated time to ensure that your procedure begins on schedule.  Stop at the Reception Desk in the East Outpatient lobby located on the first floor (Hickory Street entrance) to let the receptionist know you’ve arrived for your procedure.  You’ll be asked to register and/or review the information you gave during your pre-registration interview, and to sign necessary paperwork. You may have a five- to 15-minute wait during this process.  Please present your current health insurance ID card, photo ID, and any applicable co-payment at this time.

You’ll be escorted to a Pre-operative Holding Unit to prepare for your procedure. In the Holding Unit, you’ll be assigned a registered nurse.  You’ll also be interviewed by an anesthesiologist at this time.  For your privacy and the privacy of others, we limit the number of visitors to two in the Holding Unit.


Holmes Regional Medical Center respects and upholds the right of all patients to maintain their medical information with the highest degree of confidentiality.  Information about your care and status will only be given by medical personnel to persons you designate during the registration and admission process.


After your procedure

 After your procedure, you'll begin your recovery in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).  For your comfort, privacy, and safety, no visitors are allowed in PACU except parents or guardians of minor children, who are allowed to be with their child.  Your family will be waiting in the Surgical Waiting Room.  After your procedure, the surgeon will come to the waiting area to speak with them. The PACU nurse will call them when you're being transferred to your room or are ready to go home. 

If you're staying in the hospital after your procedure, family and friends will be informed what patient room you’ll be moved to and how to find you.

If you're designated to go home the same day, a responsible adult must drive you home. Please make arrangements to have an adult stay with you overnight at your home.

For your safety and the safety of others, you shouldn't drive a car, operate machinery, or make any important decisions for at least 24 hours after discharge.  Within 72 hours after your procedure, a hospital nurse or someone from your physician's office will call you to see how you're doing, to inquire about any pain you may have, and to answer any of your questions.

Pain management

Keeping you comfortable before, during, and after your procedure is important to us.  Your PACU nurse is skilled in pain management and will ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10.

Some discomfort is expected with all procedures.

There are many medications and treatments available to safely ease your pain.