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How to activate First Flight

EMS, Fire/Rescue, and law enforcement agencies can activate First Flight by calling your local county communications center.

Who's eligible for transport?

EMTs, paramedics, or other healthcare professionals can activate First Flight any time they think the patient needs air transport. State law requires that any patient meeting the Trauma Alert Criteria must be transported to the nearest certified trauma center.

Stand-by or Activation?

First Flight can be placed on either stand-by or active status:

  • Stand-by: If you suspect First Flight may be needed, call your county communications center and ask for the team to be placed on stand-by. The flight team will report to the helipad and prepare for launch. This may save as much as five minutes of rescue time.
  • Activation: To activate the team, call your county communications center and First Flight will immediately respond to your location to assist with the treatment and transport of your patient. The flight team is in the air in less than 10 minutes.
Landing zone criteria

The ground personnel on the scene are responsible for selecting and preparing a safe landing zone.

  • The landing zone must be cleared of all bystanders and vehicles.
  • No more than a five degree slope.
  • Daytime restrictions:
    • Landing zone size 75 x 75 feet.
  • Nighttime restrictions:
    • Landing zone size 100 x 100 feet.
    • All red emergency flashing lights must stay on.
    • No lights directed toward the aircraft.
  • First Flight crew reserves the right to turn down any landing zone they feel is too small, or otherwise appears unsafe.