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First Flight Outreach

EMS Education Presentations - A comprehensive presentation covering safety, operations and preparation of trauma patients, loading of patients and crash recovery. We provide inservices to EMS providers for a wide variety of topics. We have an Observer program for local EMS providers, Nursing and EMS students. Click on the EMS Resources link for an application for the Observer program.

Inter-Facility Presentations - A comprehensive presentation geared toward preparing patients for inter-facility transfer via First Flight helicopter.

Prom Night - Demonstrations coordinated with local EMS providers, Fire and Police departments using the helicopter to demonstrate the effects of alcohol/drug use and operating a vehicle.

High School Presentation* - Geared towards driving safety, alcohol/drug use while driving a vehicle, career choices and education.

Middle School/Junior High Presentations* - Geared toward career choices, education, safety for children age 12 to 15 years old. Topics include-seatbelts and airbags, bicycle helmets, protective equipment while roller-blading.

Elementary Presentations* - Geared toward safety, including the use of seatbelts and airbags, bicycle helmets and protective equipment while roller-blading.

*Denotes a presentation by the flight crew, no helicopter.

Please click here to contact us about scheduling a First Flight presentation.

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