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Eighteen years ago, Ray was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that left him with a dislocated and severely traumatized hip. Following the accident, Ray continued to live an active lifestyle as an international pilot that took him all over the world. He was an avid surfer, scuba diver, sailor and a professional wind surfer. But then suddenly, his hip injury resurfaced causing him tremendous pain. "I couldn't even begin to articulate how much pain I was in," says Raymond. "I felt like I had the body of a 36 year old but the pain of an 80 year old."

After conducting his own independent research on the latest hip procedures, Ray discovered a procedure called Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Diligent in his search for the right treatment, Ray interviewed several physicians. It wasn't until meeting Dr. Kenneth Sands, a Health First Orthopedic Specialist, that Ray found the answers he was looking for.

A Story of Triumph

"The speed with which I recovered was remarkable," shares Raymond. "I was up and walking the next day and after a few weeks of in-home physical therapy, I was only using a cane. And I have to say that this is the best I have felt in 10 years. People are amazed that I have had hip surgery at my age and I remind them that you're never too young to not be in pain. Hip resurfacing with Dr. Sands at Health First was the best choice I could have ever made and I couldn't be more grateful."

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Hip pain may be the result of a sudden injury such as a fall but could also be due to a degeneration of healthy tissue at the hip area.

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Kenneth C. Sands, MD
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A Fellowship-trained, Board-Certified Orthopedic Total Joint Specialist, Dr. Sands specializes in minimally-invasive hips, knees, robotics-assisted surgery, and complex and revision total joint surgery.

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