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My ePatient services frequently asked questions.

I already registered for Health First Tools and Trackers. Why do I have to register again?
Unfortunately, these are 2 very different tools and are not linked together, so you must register for both individually. However, you only have to register once.

Once you register for My ePatient Services, you will be in our central repository and will not have to register again for Secure Patient Messaging.  The same username and password will be used for My ePatient Services and Secure Patient Messaging.
My ePatient Services has been upgraded to a new application, and will take you through a simple enrollment process to ensure that the correct account details are linked to your online profile.  This is a one-time enrollment step.
Where can I locate my PAAN?
Any paper statement or letter correspondence received from the Health First Hospital Billing Department will have your PAAN number listed. On your initial statement, the PAAN number can be found in the upper right corner of your statement.

What if my pages don’t display properly?
1. Try refreshing the page by clicking on your Toolbar at the top of your browser. Use the View button and select Refresh or Reload.

2. Some browsers may require this to be a Trusted Site. Use the Tools button and select Internet Options, then the tab for Security. Click on the Sites button and copy and paste this link into the appropriate box.

What Internet browser’s do you support?
We support the following browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above, Chrome, iPhone Safari and Android.

I can't see my children's account information.
Only the “guarantor” or Responsible Party of the account will be able to see the details of accounts registered to them. If you are not the Responsible Party on an account, you will not have access to those details.