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Request copies of medical records

You have the right to view and/or request copies of your medical record. To view your medical records, you must make an appointment with the Health Information Management (HIM) Department of the facility that holds your records. Copies are provided only after the patient is discharged from the medical facility.

To receive copies of your medical records, submit a completed request form (pdf) directly to the HIM Department at the facility where you received treatment. This form must be signed and can be submitted by fax, mail, or in person. (Addresses and fax numbers are included on the form.) Verification of identity is required. Please allow four working days for the request to be processed.

If you are requesting copies for someone other than yourself, you will need to provide legal documentation verifying legal guardianship, power of attorney, executorship, or next-of-kin relationship of a decedent. Parents may request copies of their minor child's records if they have legal custody of the child and the child is not legally emancipated.

To request copies for your primary care physician or other health care provider, submit the form designating the physician or health care provider as the recipient of the copies. The copies will be sent directly to the physician or health care provider.

Note: The HIM Department does not have access to radiology or other imaging films or billing information. Please contact the respective departments for those records.

Copy fees

If you are requesting copies of a medical record for your own use, there is a fee associated with this service (authorized by Florida Statute 395.3025). The fee is $1.00 for each page copied plus a charge of $1.00 for each year researched. You will receive an invoice of fees when you submit your request. Payment must be made prior to receiving your copies.

There is no fee for medical records copied for the purpose of continuing medical care. These copies are sent directly to the health care provider.

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