Social Services Coordinators

SSC can help you apply for Medicare Savings Programs, Low Income Subsidy, social service discounts, and more

Social Service Coordinators, Inc.® (SSC), an Altegra Health™ company, is a private social service organization that we contract with to provide free education to our members and help them through the process of enrolling in an array of federal, state and local social programs, such as Medicare Savings Programs (to help pay for Part B premiums), and Low Income Subsidy (to help pay for Part D prescription drug premiums and copays). Their mission is to ensure every eligible person receives the social program benefits to which she or he is entitled. 

Members and non-members can visit Social Service CheckUp to see if you qualify for discounts on social services and community assistance programs like meals, utilities, home care, and more.  It's just one way SSC assists in connecting you with programs designed for saving money.

For more information, please contact HFHP's Customer Service Department.

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Last updated: 10/1/2012