Medigap Benefits

Medicare supplement policies

Medigap Plans
Plan A

Features the lowest premiums.

Plan F

Includes coverage for Medicare's Part A and B deductibles, and foreign travel emergencies.

Plan N

Includes coverage for Medicare's Part A deductible and foreign travel emergencies.

All three of our plans cover the first three pints of blood which are not covered by Medicare, and an additional 365 lifetime reserve days.

Plus, as an additional service*, we're proud to offer subscribers a free fitness center membership!

Plan details: Outline of Coverage

For details about each plan, see the Outline of Coverage. It compares basic information about the plans we offer (A, F and N), and also lists monthly premiums and benefit details for each plan.

Medigap Forms

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For more information about Medicare Supplement plans, see 2013 How to Choose a Medigap Policy from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), contact your insurance agent, or Health First Insurance Customer Service.

*Not covered by Medicare

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